The Ogemaw Conservation District works closely with partners such as MDARD, the DNR, NRCS, and MSU Extension to provide a variety of services and programs for farmers and landowners. 

Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP): MAEAP is a FREE, innovative, and proactive program that assists farms of all sizes and commodities across the state to minimize risk of agricultural pollution. Through this free and confidential program, you can earn recognition as a top steward in the community all while helping reduce erosion and runoff in our beloved Michigan waterways. Our MAEAP Technician, Sarah Itchue, can work with you to identify potential risks and comply with state and federal environmental standards in 4 different systems: Farmstead, Livestock, Cropping and Forest, Wetlands and Habitat. Those that successfully complete our 3-phase system: education, risk assessment, and third-party verification, are then rewarded by receiving a verification in that system. Farms can be verified in more than one system. Upon verification, land/farm owners will be eligible to receive cost share for minor projects and will have protection from nuisance lawsuits through the Right to Farm Act and/or the Right to Forest Act. If interested, please contact Hannah at or 989-345-5470 ext. 5. She will be able to assist throughout the entire process. 

Forestry Assistance Program (FAP): FAP is a free program for landowners with concerns about forest health, management, wildlife, insects, and yard trees. Our District Forester, Hunter Dickinson, can conduct a site visit to review your property, management goals, and concerns. He can make suggestions on different programs and options that would best suit your objectives. Hunter can also help with diagnosing oak wilt and other forest health concerns. He can help get you started on having a timber sale or doing other forest management activities. Hunter and Sarah work together to help landowners enroll in MAEAP Forest, Wetlands, and Habitat. 

Qualified Forest Program (QFP): QFP is a tax exemption program for absentee landowners that actively manage their forests, including for timber production. QFP offers two main tax benefits. The first is a maximum of an 18 mil reduction on your property taxes. The second is the prevention of the "uncapping" of the property value when the property changes ownership. In order to be eligible you must own 20 acres or more of land and meet stocking requirements. Stocking means being capable of producing 20 cubic feet of wood per acre per year. Properties that are 20-39.9 acres of property must be 80% stocked and properties that are 40 acres or more must be 50% stocked. You must have a forest management plan that includes all of the area that you would like to enroll and you have to follow that plan. The plan must be written by a qualified forester. For more information please contact Hunter at 989-826-8824 or